Pooja & Prayer Units


Pooja room is one of the most important aspects of any Indian household. The pooja room, also known as the prayer room is a sacred space in most Indian homes. It is a customized space dedicated to conducting spiritual activities in daily prayers, poojas, etc. to worship God. Several new-age constructions have started assigning a specific room to conduct spiritual activities as part of their layout. Besides offering daily prayers, pooja rooms are also used for daily meditation practices due to the space’s sacredness.

The Pooja room is looked up to as the Hope and Peace of your house. This is one of the places where you can stay rest assured of feeling eternal bliss. The theme of your pooja room design can be completely based on your preference. The idea of having a prayer room at home also differs from the requirements of the religion followed. Prayer rooms in Christian households are usually prefered in their drawing-room space, but again, it would differ from household to household. In many Christian homes in India, cladding stones or cladding tiles are used as a backdrop for Jesus Christ’s statue or image.

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