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Bahiya Integrated Housing Management designs homes, offices, apartment complexes, public spaces, etc. Suffice it to say, we design all tangible spaces. We have a vast clientele, including industry leaders, across Kerala.

Home Interiors

Good home interiors are less about the design, utility and aesthetics of the inner spaces of your home and more about the feel that your dwelling radiates. It is almost entirely a reflection of the taste and personality of the home owner. The rest is about matching the needs with the layout aesthetically. We have a highly creative team of designers who use intuitive designs and decors to create personalized interiors.

Office Interiors

Professional office interiors are not just about creating inspiring work spaces with a functional topography. It is also about ensuring a dynamic, collaborative environment conducive to evolving concepts and a humanistic work culture, not to mention maximum comfort and efficiency leading to maximum productivity. We have a team of highly skilled designers who can create workspaces that reflect the entity of the organization.


More than the space within four walls, an apartment is the place people return to, where they put their feet up and relax, with multiple common areas, indoors and outdoors, creating a world of its own. Sleek and contemporary, classy and ethnic or simply casual and elegant, our designers conceptualize and deliver according to the specific needs and tastes of the dwellers, ensuring them a worthy address to be proud of.

Public Spaces

Public spaces are the drawing rooms of the city where its people meet and where its guests are welcomed and entertained. We believe in creating iconic city squares, plazas, parklands, hubs, walkways and other recreation and public facilities into icons of the city, to make sure the city puts on its best façade. We have a team of highly experienced creative designers who can turn these living spaces into signature landmarks of the city.

About Us

Bahiya, the word, means ‘beautiful.’ True to its name, Bahiya Integrated Housing Management provides unique, innovative services to transform your houses into beautiful homes and to maintain them in all their beauty in the absence of their owners.

Bahiya is headed and managed by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals with a proven track record of 10 years of delivering with quality, paying attention to the minutest detail.

Specializing in high-end residential and commercial interior design services, Bahiya is recognized for our innovative concepts. Our expertise is in space planning and implementation based on client’s needs, tastes and budget. The client’s participation is encouraged in every phase of the project. Each project receives personal attention from our experienced designers and interior decorators, enabling clients to achieve excellent value for money.

We work closely with architects and clients to understand space structure and customer needs, and then match one with the other to create a superior visual and experiential appeal. Every phase of the work from selection of color, fabric, furniture and materials to purchase and installation is done with a keen attention to detail.

Bahiya is built upon strong business ethics and long-standing relationships. To always give the best in service to deliver the best in value is our commitment to ourselves and our clients.

Our Support

In addition to designing spaces, Bahiya offers a couple of other services to our clients in order to help them maintain their beautiful homes as they are.

Home Care

Bahiya provides home maintenance services to clients who reside abroad to keep their homes and furnishings in good repair.


We undertake construction with interior designing which helps avoid overuse of time and resources.


Bahiya provides consulting services for construction and interior designing for residential and commercial projects.

NRI Services

We arrange airport pick-up and drop-off, book hotel stays, and organize travel and transport facilities for visitors to the city.

Real Estate

Bahiya offers real estate services to help in the sale, purchase or renting out of clients’ homes in an effective manner.

24/7 Support

Bahiya is at your service night and day every day. We pick up your calls any time, every time.

Why Choose Us

 We work in association with the architects
 We are in constant touch with the home owners
 We give regular updates
 Our designs suit to your needs, taste and wallet.
 We maintain your homes when you don’t reside in them
 We are available 24x7

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